The jagged Andes Mountains of South America, the sculpted Red Rock country in the southwestern US, the towering waterfalls of Yosemite Valley – and every other impressive landscape on Earth – have had their scenic beauty carved through weathering and erosion of rock. Over immense amounts of time, breaking rocks down into small bits, and then transporting those fragments away, shapes landscapes.

Torres del Paine in Patagonia

An understanding of the processes at work can increase one’s appreciation of stunning vistas.


Zion National Park

In a blog post on her website Geology Pics ( , geologist and photographer Marli Miller has written “Shaping of Landscape: A primer on weathering and erosion”. Many of her fabulous photographs are included. You can find it here: . The post provides excellent descriptions of these geologic processes — check it out!

Yosemite Falls

My photos from Patagonia, Zion NP and Yosemite NP

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